Registered Exhibitors

The registered exhibitors can already enter from the front entrance as you can see from the 'red arrows'. Please contact admin (X symbol) for your place before drive through.

Non-Registered Exhibitors

For walk-in exhibitors, Please follow the 'red arrow' and contact the admin at X symbol for your place.


The market open from 5a.m. until 1p.m. You can follow the green arrows to find your parking places and also park at the difference Parking as you can see P from number 1-8. Also sometimes you can use Zone Y and Z as the parking.

How to go..

You can travel by; 



Pottelberg Eurometropolis


You can have a look to see how our market looks like..

Pottelberg Eurometropolis Parking


You can see Possible parking area in the market and the area near by.